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September 17, 2009

BluBox retains Tiger Advisers as it enters new phase of growthtiger advisors

BluBox, the leading authority in digital image compression technology, has retained the services of Edinburgh based corporate financiers, Tiger Advisers, with a brief to provide financial advice and source external investment for expansion.

With the growth of BluBox continuing at an increasingly rapid pace, Tiger Advisers will act as financial advisers, working closely with the company to source investment. Through sound strategic advice, and a commercial focus Tiger Advisers will be a valuable partner in the next stage of BluBox's development.
Commenting on its decision to support BluBox, Tiger Adviser's Founder and CEO, Graham Langley, said, 'As soon as we met with BluBox we realised that as a management team their collective passion, focus and commitment really stood out. Moreover, they own exciting, state of the art technology and are using it to create some incredibly strong, market leading products'.

'BluBox is already growing rapidly and there are many more fantastic market opportunities to be exploited. We hope that our support will help to make BluBox what it aspires to be a global brand.'

BluBox CEO, Peter Boswell, said, 'The exponential growth of BluBox over the last 12 months has taken the business from its R&D concentric beginnings to a highly focused commercial business. The business is now moving into a new phase of growth, which we felt would benefit from the support of professional corporate financial advisers such as the team at Tiger Advisers'
'We are very pleased to be working with Graham and his team. At a time when more traditional sources of investment and funding is difficult to secure it makes sense to work with professionals such as Tiger Advisers to source smart money investment'

About BluBox
BluBox Software Limited, established in 2006, has already become a leading innovator in independent software applications as well as a technology development company specializing in the design and development of encryption and compression desktop and mobile software applications and utilities.

The company has developed an outstanding reputation with products such as BluBox, PowerPressed Photo and PowerPressed for PowerPoint and is set to continue to encourage and develop its software solutions at an even faster pace.


About Tiger Advisers
Tiger Advisers is an independent advisory entity working pro-actively with owner-managers of mid-market businesses to maximise the value in their enterprises. We pride ourselves on delivering straight talking, strategic and financial advice.

September 04, 2009

BluBox appoints Nick Boardman as new Commercial Director Nick Boardman

BluBox, the leading authority in digital image compression software, is pleased to announce the appointment of Nick Boardman as Commercial Director. Boardman, 37, who is a veteran of the IT industry with 21 year's experience, will be a driving force behind the company's sales and commercial activity. His main responsibilities will include developing channel strategy and major OEM partnerships.

After leaving school at 16, Boardman began his career in the world of computing selling some of the first Amstrad computers. He worked for various resellers before founding Rock in 1992 with a clear ambition: to bring cutting edge innovation to the portable computing market and build the fastest laptops in the World. Spurred by Nick's commitment and unrivalled passion for providing superior, class-leading products, Rock soon became recognised as Europe's number one performance laptop brand. In 2007 Rock was voted the World's best Laptop & PC Manufacturer by Custom PC magazine, fighting off competition from strong contenders including Dell, HP, Asus and Sony.

When Rock was acquired by IT provider and computer manufacturer, Stone Group, in May 2008, Boardman joined the board as Mobile Technology Director, responsible for all mobile products. He resigned from this position to join BluBox in August 2009.

BluBox CEO, Peter Boswell said, 'Nick joins us with an invaluable knowledge and understanding of the IT industry and his passion and drive make him a perfect addition to our team. We are delighted to welcome him and are certain that his wealth of experience will help us take BluBox to another level.'

Commenting on his appointment, Boardman said, 'These are very exciting times for Blubox � the company is growing at an incredible pace. BluBox has outstanding products; I'm delighted to be involved and to be working with people that are equally as passionate about what they do. BluBox is going from strength to strength and I'm glad to be part of it.'

August 25, 2009

Digital Photographer Review - October 2009Digital Photographer

In the days of ever-increasing megapixel counts on our digital cameras, sharing images can be problematic. Photo sizes have reached the proportions of small countries, and resizing them can be time-consuming and memory intensive effort.

BluBox is a smart little app that enables you to compress and share your digital photos and other files quickly and easily. It's basically a replacement for ZIP, but specifically designed for image files. With support for over 60 popular image formats, it can compress file sizes by up to 95%...

Read the full review by clicking here (PDF format - opens in a new window).

August 14, 2009

Follow Blubox on Twitter

Blubox has started its own twitter. Follow us by clicking the link below:


August 4, 2009

Shaf Rasul

Scots Dragon To Spearhead Blubox Development

Scots Dragon Shaf Rasul is to spearhead the commercial development of a product which aims to revolutionise the way people share and manage their digital images.

Blubox is a quick and user-friendly software application for compressing and sharing digital photos and other large files. The innovative technology allows users to compress pictures by up to 95 per cent without any loss in resolution or picture quality and also send and receive files 20 times faster.

Rasul � who stars in an online version of the BBCs Dragon's Den alongside American Julie Meyer � will join the Blubox board as a non-executive director and has been charged with supporting the strategic growth of the business.

'The Blubox consumer experience is unsurpassable and has the power to completely revolutionise the way people manage their digital images,' he said. 'We are talking about a consumer facing technology that can compress a ten megabyte file to half a megabyte without any loss in resolution or quality. 'The product also benefits from a web service which allows users to store their images online, giving the ability to access images remotely through your Mac, laptop or iphone. 'It is one of the most exciting products I have ever been involved with and I will now work with the Blubox board to grow the business through an integrated strategy of developing commercial partnerships, exploring potential acquisitions and securing inward investment from venture capital companies and institutional investors.'

Blubox was initially developed to optimise large DICOM medical images used by the NHS, including mammogram and X-rays. However the senior management team quickly recognised that they had a tool that could be used to optimise content for consumers.

'The capability of Blubox is a very powerful development in the way people manage files,' said Blubox CEO Peter Boswell. 'People have not been using this service before because it wasn't properly optimised. However with Blubox you can download and print images quickly and store up to twenty times more data on your backup drives. 'Sharing multiple, full-resolution photos by email is also now practical and you can send up to twenty full-sized pictures, compressed inside a Blubox archive in the time it takes to send a couple of uncompressed photos. 'Shaf coming on board is a landmark stage in the development of the business and we will utilise his experience and high-level contact network to develop commercial partnerships with major players in the hardware, software and eservice markets.'

July 28, 2009

MacUser Awards

BluBox sponsors 2009 MacUser Awards

BluBox is delighted to be a sponsor of the 2009 MacUser Awards and to celebrate its forthcoming release of BluBox for Mac and iPhone. The company is a leader in delivering superb image compression software for today's and future generations of photographers.

Blubox is a quick and user-friendly software application for compressing and sharing digital photos and other large files.

Sharing photos with family and friends is so much quicker with BluBox; in the time it takes to upload just one photo, an entire BluBox archive can be uploaded and emailed.

April 8, 2009

BluBox Completes Management Buy Out

The management team of BluBox, a leading authority in compression software today announced the completion of a transaction to acquire all of its shareholding from ROK.

BluBox Software Limited, established in 2006, has already become a leading innovator in independent software applications as well as a technology development company specializing in the design and development of encryption and compression desktop and mobile software applications and utilities.

The company has developed an outstanding reputation with products such as BluBox, PowerPressed Photo and PowerPressed for PowerPoint but with its new 100% stock holding BluBox is set to continue to encourage and develop its software solutions at an even faster pace.

November 26, 2008

Tesco plc

Tesco Photo Gets The Picture! Blubox to enhance the user experience for Tesco Photo customers

Blubox Software Limited today announced its award winning software application, Blubox, had been selected by Tesco Photo to power Tesco Picture Viewer, beginning in February 2009.

Tesco Picture Viewer, distributed free with every photo-CD dispatched, provides Tesco's customers with a unique and enhanced experience when viewing their digital photographs processed by the Tesco Photo Service.

The Blubox system is the world's only digital image management solution which enables the user to optimise their images for more efficient storage and high speed sharing online.

Tesco, the UK's largest retail chain provides a comprehensive range of photo printing services, ranging from traditional digital print processing to the production of digital photo albums and on-line photo storage for over 1 million customers each year.

The Tesco Photo Viewer will be powered by Blubox, the powerful digital imaging management application currently winning awards and accolades worldwide for its highly innovative and intuitive system for managing high-resolution digital photographs on the desk-top and web.

'We are very pleased to be working with the premier retail partner whose ethos is to provide its customers with the highest standard of service possible' says Peter Boswell, CEO at Blubox Software. 'From February 2009, Blubox will contribute to the overall customer experience when they develop film and digital photographs with Tesco'

'Tesco are constantly looking at ways of improving on the existing high standard of service' said Kevin Martin of Tesco 'and we are delighted we will be offering such an innovative and useful technology as Blubox to our customers'.

October 31, 2008

Mustek Ltd.

Award-winning Blubox� Image Compression Software to be deployed by South African corporation Mustek, in Exclusive 2 year Agreement

Blubox Software Limited today announced that it had signed an exclusive 2 year agreement with Mustek Ltd to market and distribute image-compression technology in South Africa.

Mustek, South Africa's leading systems integrator, assembles and distributes the Mecer-branded range of PCs, notebooks and peripherals. In addition, Mustek stocks and distributes a range of other branded IT and related electronic products.

Blubox software compresses digital images by as much as 95% without any loss of quality.

'We're very pleased to have reached agreement to market Blubox� across South Africa on an exclusive 2 year basis, as well as Nigeria and Kenya on a non-exclusive basis' said David Kan of Mustek 'and we'll be using multiple channels to sell the software, including in-store retailing, bundled deals, pre-loading onto PCs and notebooks, and direct downloads from our website'.

Commenting on the deal, Peter Boswell of Blubox said 'This is a milestone agreement in the global deployment of Blubox� and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Mustek'

April 17, 2008

ePhotozine Highly Recommended

Blubox Compression software Review - Matt Grayson

'I like the idea of being able to store more information on my computer than I previously could because the archives allow storage on your computer as well. It's not merely for emailing easier or secure transport. It's a useful program and if you have loads of pictures on your computer it will free up lots of space, allowing you to store many more.'

ePhotozine Review

April 4, 2008

Mac or PC review

BluBox - The Digital Photo Compression Software That'll Save Your Computer

...I found compressing the files easy and I like how you can still browse through the images once zipped which is something a lot of other programs don't allow.

BluBox also lived up to its claims of maintaining the quality of the images as I compressed one of my photos to a ridiculously small size and saw no difference in quality once it was unzipped.

This is a great piece of software that any keen photographer should have purchased and installed on their computer asap...

March 24, 2008

IT Reviews - recommended

Blubox 4 review - compression and encryption tool that shrinks and protects your photos

...there's little doubting that Blubox has, to our knowledge, an unrivalled ability to shrink the file sizes of images.

... BluBox nonetheless is likely to be used for one task only, to bring down the size of image files. Fortunately it's a task it's quite brilliant at, and given the modest price tag for the software, it's a strong purchase for the enthusiastic amateur digital photographer.


March 20, 2008

Samsung Semiconductor Europe Ltd.

Blubox Software Limited to provide Blubox compression software to Samsung Semiconductor Europe Ltd.

Blubox Software Limited today announces that it has agreed with Samsung Semiconductor Europe Limited to provide its digital data compression technology, Blubox, to Samsung memory card partners and their customers across Europe on a free trial basis beginning in April.

The deal will see on-pack promotions for Blubox on memory cards and USB sticks powered by Samsung NAND Flash, and marketed by Samsung distributors using their own brands across Europe. The trial is expected to last for three months. The Blubox application (available online at compresses digital imagery by up to 95%.

Ken Jones, Vice President of Samsung Semiconductor Europe Ltd, commented, 'Samsung globally holds the lead position in the memory market. I see the fresh initiative of offering content on memory cards to be an important differentiating factor in the purchasing decisions of today's discerning consumer. This agreement provides benefits to Blubox, Samsung, Samsung's distributors, their retail partners and ultimately the consumer � a win for all.'

Blubox will be offered free to all Samsung customers for a 3-month trial period. After which, the service will be charged at less than �20.00. Blubox will generate revenue from those who extend their free trial into a product purchase or subscription. Revenue will be shared equally between Blubox and Samsung.

The first Samsung memory cards including the promotion will be available in the UK in April.

March 17, 2008

WDC Review - Issue 134 April 2008

What Digital Camera Review

Compression is a straightforward way to ease the burden of multi-megabyte files, and is offered in several shapes and forms with Blubox. Laying claim to being the 'world's most advanced compression and imaging software for digital photographers', Blubox offers two types of compression - binary, or lossless 'zip' compression, and image, or 'lossy' compression.

The 'Binary' mode offers just one setting, yet the 'Image' mode allows the user to compress at either 'low', 'medium', 'high' or 'maximum', with the final file or folder producing a Blubox archive file of respectively decreasing size. The software also contains 256-bit AES encryption to guarantee the security of personal images.

The 'Image' mode does result in the emergence of JPEG artefacts when compressed on the higher settings. However, this is a small price to pay for the convenience of up to a 95% reduction in file size that can prove invaluable when sending images in bulk.

Blubox presents a clear user interface allowing a simple learning curve that even the novice-compressor can grasp easily.

What's more is that the .blu archives created can be read without the need of the Blubox software, thanks to the free Blubox viewer downloadable from, and archived images can be previewed even when compressed at the highest setting.

A great value, simple-to-use compression solution.

92% Gold Award

What Digital Camera - Gold Award

March 11, 2008

PC Answers Review

An image compression tool that's so good, you'll wish it could take photos, too!

With digital SLRs growing in popularity and compact cameras delivering larger image sizes, hard drives around the world are filling up with our photographic memories.

File compression is one solution, of course, but it's a big negative when you're after the very best in image quality, especially with so-called "destructive" formats such as JPEG that degrade in quality the more you alter the files.

BluBox seeks to address the problem by compressing files down to just a few hundred kilobytes with no loss of quality, and has the ability to expand them again to their original size.

It's a great idea and anyone who uploads images to photo-sharing sites will love it. It also makes uploading to Flickr, for example, much quicker because you can upload high quality JPEGs at a fraction of their original size.

Getting compressed images back to their original size was quick and there was no adverse affects in quality. It's a great tool that's so quick and easy to operate.

Picture Protection

You can employ BluBox to archive huge volumes of images and this is another failsafe if you're looking at good back-up options. Protecting archives with passwords is easy and the actual images are encrypted with 256-bit AES security. Unlike many compression tools - or uploaders for that matter - BluBox enables you to view pictures in full screen while they're encrypted and compressed. you don't need a separate photo organiser because BluBox does a great job of offering the types of features found in more costly programs such as Serif's AlbumPlus.

There's also the BluBox viewer, which is available as a free download from the Web site. This enables you to send archives to your friends and family, who can then unzip your archives and view a substantial number of images in just one email. Whether it's a photo-sharing site or email, Blubox is a speedy solution to cutting down file sizes and at �20 you can't go wrong. This one comes highly recommended.


No hassle and produces great results 89%

Feb 18, 2008

PC Advisor Review

Blubox offers a file-compression solution specifically for digital pictures.

Due to the success of digital photography you may never again buy another roll of film - but that doesn't mean your digital photographs can be stored for free. Even mobile phones can pack a 5Mp camera and all that crisp resolution needs megabyte after megabyte of extra hard drive space.

Worst of all, when you come to exchange an entire digital photo album across the net you really can't expect granny to wait while her flyblown connection wrestles with multiples of hundreds of megabytes.

There's a simple solution to all this kerfuffle of course. Compress the files and you'll not only save HD space but a more diminutive file is far better suited for easy sharing.

Blubox offers a file-compression solution specifically for digital pictures, using its own compression format to render even the most gargantuan image folder relatively miniscule in mere moments.

Testing Blubox's claims to offer swift-and-easy compression of up to 95 percent couldn't have been easier. The program's interface is straightforward, comes backed up with detailed yet largely unnecessary help files and you can either just drag-and-drop individual images into a new folder within the program or just access one that you've already made.

Our original set of Jpegs took up 210,765,992 bytes of space and, with the program compressing to a medium setting we were provided with an impressive 76,359,387 byte '.blu' file. The same folder compressed to maximum became 12,433,727 bytes in size. This isn't so much a quart fitting into a pint pot as a generous gallon in a thimble.

For reasons of image quality you wouldn't use Blubox to compress a set of highly detailed images quite so viciously, but the test proves the program's mettle.

Blubox is fast and effective, enables users to easily add password protection to their files and can even be used to view images after they have been compressed.

While it would be handier if Blubox could handle more than the .blu and .zip formats you won't find deeper compression for quite such a decent price.

Blubox offers a file-compression solution specifically for digital pictures.


Since Jpegs are already compressed files, simply using a standard zipping program won't work. Blubox offers a slick solution specifically for digital images and gives more than impressive results with a minimum of quality loss. It's time to sort those albums out once and for all.

Will Johnston